Representing Injured Workers Throughout Montana

Carey Law Firm's Missoula-based attorneys have over 65 years of combined experience representing Montana's injured workers, and we historically top the list of Montana lawyers in highest workers' compensation settlements from year to year. Our clients who benefit from these awards work in a vast array of industries and employments, such as:

  • Natural resources, including mining and the timber industries;
  • Physically demanding jobs, such as construction and maintenance ;
  • Transportation, including trucking and railroad operations;
  • White collar occupations, such as education, health care, management, and administrative/clerical positions.

Prompt Receipt Of Benefits Is Your Top Priority

Your initial need in the event of a workplace injury is prompt and appropriate medical treatment. If you are unable to work as a result of an injury, timely compensation for your lost wages is also paramount. Medical and wage loss benefits are payable under the Montana Workers' Compensation Act for injuries and occupational diseases that occur in the "course and scope" of your employment. However, these benefits are not always paid in a timely manner. Your workers' compensation claim may also be denied, even though it is entirely compensable under the Workers' Compensation Act. Even if your claim is accepted, you will often be offered a settlement that does not reflect the true value of the claim or the various benefits payable to you under the Workers' Compensation Act.

As your workers' compensation attorneys, we will ensure you receive the benefits you require on a timely basis. If your claim has been denied, we will use our vast experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure your claim is accepted, or to negotiate an equitable settlement if there are legitimate issues regarding the compensability of the claim. If your claim has been accepted, we will use our expertise to help manage all aspect of the claim. This includes addressing the myriad of issues that often arise before you return to work, and assessing the true value of your claim for settlement purposes. Our attorneys have also successfully litigated numerous claims before the Workers' Compensation Court, and have established case law precedent that continues to benefit injured workers and occupational disease claimants throughout Montana.

Protecting Yourself When Injured On The Job Or Suffering An Occupational Disease

Many employers have policies in place for reporting workplace injuries, but that is not always the case. If you are hurt on the job or experiencing pain due to repetitive tasks at work, the law requires that you timely report a work-related injury or occupational disease. There are also time-limits for filing a workers' compensation claim which, if not met, forever bar your claim. Therefore, you should always do the following after a workplace injury, or suffering pain from repetitive stress at work:

  • Report your injury to your employer or immediate supervisor as soon as it occurs – This reporting requirement must be met within 30 days of your injury;
  • If repetitive stress at work results in pain requiring medical treatment, report the condition to your employer or immediate supervisor the day you seek treatment or immediately following a doctor's diagnosis of the medical condition;
  • File your workers' compensation claim, or confirm that your employer has filed it, no later than one year follow the date of your on-the-job injury – Claims can be filed with your employer or through the Montana Department of Labor and Industry;
  • Give your medical provider(s) an accurate history of how the injury or occupational disease occurred;
  • Seek assistance with your claim if you are unsure what to do – Do not hesitate to contact our firm, or the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, for assistance.

What Carey Law Firm Can Do for You

At Carey Law Firm, we are committed to achieving the absolute best result for each of our workers' compensation clients, and we have been just that for over 20 years. Our attorneys serve as your counselor, advisor, and advocate throughout the claim process, ensuring that you receive the workers' compensation benefits you need to heal from a workplace injury and to replace the wages you have lost as a result of an injury or occupational disease.

In addition to representing clients on the front lines, our attorneys actively engage in the fluctuating legal environment of Montana's workers' compensation laws. This includes educating Montana's legislators on the impacts of proposed legislation, presenting legal seminars to our colleagues in the law, and publishing articles on pertinent workers' compensation topics. Attorney Steve Carey is also highly regarded by his peers as one of the best and most effective workers' compensation mediators in Montana. Together, our attorneys use their collective knowledge and skills to help improve the legal landscape for all of Montana's injured workers, and to produce stellar results for each of our workers' compensation clients.

Allow us to put our 65 years of combined workers' compensation practice to work for you. Contact our office today to schedule a free, initial consultation regarding your workers' compensation claim.

Montana's Workers' Compensation System – A Brief Primer

Workers' compensation started as a "pact" between injured workers and employers, whereby injured workers gave up their right to sue a negligent employer in "tort," in exchange for no-fault medical and wage loss benefits. Thus, workers' compensation benefits are available to those injured on the job, or suffering from an occupation disease, regardless of the whether an injury was caused by an employer's negligence, or that of an employee. An employer may no longer be sued with regard to a workplace injury or occupational disease, except under very limited circumstances.

Montana's workers' compensation system is also intended to be self-administering, meaning injured workers should receive benefits promptly and without having to consult an attorney for assistance. However, for the past several decades, employers and workers' compensation insurers have lobbied Montana's legislators to revise our workers' compensation laws, in an attempt to make it more difficult to obtain benefits and to reduce the benefits available under the Workers' Compensation Act. Employers and insurers have largely succeeded in these efforts. In addition, insurers often take advantage of the laws to minimize payment of benefits to injured workers, who require the benefits necessary to medically treat an injury and return to the workforce as soon as possible.

This is the reason Carey Law Firm exists, and our attorneys are devoted to helping injured workers and occupational disease claimants in their time of need. If your claim has been denied, or you are having difficulty getting the medical treatment or wage loss benefits you require, call our office immediately.

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