Keys To Success In A Personal Injury Claim

Litigating personal injury claims on behalf of plaintiffs requires skill, acumen, and diligence throughout all stages of the claim. This includes an eye for detail in analyzing the various factual and legal issues that drive personal injury claims. Carey Law Firm's attorneys have employed these keys to success for a combined 75 years, representing those injured due to the negligence of another.  Our expertise extends to all personal injury claims, including the following:

  • Car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Premises Liability and other injury cases involving dangerous premises conditions
  • Recreational accidents such as snowmobile accidents, swimming accidents, and equine accidents (horseback accidents)
  • Medical negligence injuries, including surgical errors, emergency room (ER) errors, and failure to diagnose a serious illness or condition
  • Traumatic brain Injuries and other catastrophic injuries stemming from motor vehicle accidents, falls, or industrial accidents

Our experience can be the most important key to success in your personal injury claim or lawsuit.  We are prepared to fight for you through effective strategies, including:

Understanding the injuries and losses: Every personal injury case involves an injury or injuries, such as broken bones, burns, head injuries, back, neck, and shoulder injuries, spinal cord injuries, and others. We have a Registered Nurse on staff and our attorneys will carefully interview our client, review medical records, and consult with doctors and specialists to make sure you receive the medical care you require.

Discovering the true causes of an accident: We dedicate time and effort to investigating the facts and discovering the mechanism and cause of the accident.  If a person or entity was negligent in causing the accident, we bring a personal injury claim on your behalf so that you are fully compensated.

Consulting with the right witnesses and experts: We are experienced and well-equipped to handle all aspects of your personal injury case, including finding and obtaining testimony from witnesses, including expert witnesses, such as industrial engineers, mining experts, accident reconstructionists, and medical and vocational professionals.

Preparing every case as if for trial: The vast majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court.  However, it is vitally important to prepare every case as if for trial.  Lawyers who do this are vastly more successful at every stage of the process, including settlement negotiations.  That's what we do at Carey Law Firm, P.C.

Educating clients so they can make good choices: Will you accept a settlement offer after your car accident case because the insurance adjuster tells you it's a "good deal"?  Talk to us first for a free evaluation.

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