Construction Claims And Litigation

While a major part of our law practice at Carey Law Firm, P.C. in Missoula involves workplace injuries and personal injuries, we also represent clients engaged in disputes that do not involve physical injuries; rather, they involve monetary losses. Construction claims make up one of those practice areas in which someone claims to have been wronged or is accused of wrongdoing in connection with residential or commercial building or remodeling projects. Sample cases have included claims regarding:

  • Construction delays
  • Construction defects
  • Incomplete or poorly done remodeling

Whether a dispute has to do with a single-family home, a multifamily housing structure or a commercial building of any kind (freestanding or attached to other commercial properties), our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction disputes and litigation.

We Often Recommend Out-Of-Court Resolutions

Litigation is costly, risky and time-consuming. Most importantly, the processes and outcomes end up under the control of a court, judge and in some cases, a jury. Accumulated attorneys' fees may mean no one is a winner. Effectively, both sides can end up losing in a courtroom battle over a construction-related complaint.

On the other hand, alternative forms of dispute resolution, including demand letters, negotiation conferences, mediation and arbitration may offer much more satisfactory pathways to resolution.

Contact An Experienced Construction Claims Lawyer In Missoula

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